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Something Special

The gift itself is just part of the story. The whole experience is everything and the only thing that matters. That’s why we have professional event planners to manage it and ensure an extraordinary experience. Combined with our abundant resources and extensive network on services and products, our service level is akin to those prestigious ‘platinum’ concierge services.

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“I’m your present, minus a few ribbons and some packaging” is one of the common cliché answers to the question “What are you going to give me for Christmas/birthday/etc?” But it’d stop being a cliché and become a novelty if it’s carried out literally, to the letter.

No worries, we have boxes big enough for all sizes of gifters to stay inside comfortably. And you are not alone – you’ll be accompanied by our cheering team to liven up the atmosphere.

Get a ‘Yes’ For Your Confession Of Secret Love

When asked why a secret love is not confessed, most people admit that the fear of potential embarrassment of rejection is a greater factor than the potential rejection itself. If that’s you, wait no more, act now! Because we have a solution for you. It’s a tailor-made special delivery service.

When the gift is delivered, the receiver will be given 3 chances to guess the gifter’s name. If the receiver gets it right, your name will be revealed and congratulations! He/she is aware of your attention. Otherwise,your name will remain hidden after 3 attempts and no embarrassment or whatsoever.

Surprise Planning

People love surprises and surprises make the experience much more memorable. But surprises are hard to come by – it takes time and effort to conceive and arrange. Not anymore. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a proposal or a love confession, tell us the details and we will see to it, from ideation to execution.

Party Time

Every year there are so many party-worthy occasions and festivals – birthday party, Christmas party, wedding party, bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party or any other thematic parties. Instead of burdening yourself or any other party-goers with organising it, let us manage it for you so that you can enjoy the party to the fullest.

Reasonably Priced

An expensive gift isn’t necessarily a good one, and vice versa. We believe that an appreciated gift needn’t cost a fortune. After all, one has so many loved ones to gift on so many special occasions. Talk to us and we will tailor make the experience for you within your budget.