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A gift that truly delights are those not only ‘sincerely yours’ but also ‘uniquely yours’

Ever wondered why love letters are never printed? Because somehow, something is lost in the process. In a world of mass-produced, one-sized-fits-none gifting norm, we are here to help you add those vital ingredients back to your gifts – the subtle personal touch, the intimacy, the sincerity.

In a perfect world, you’d go to great lengths to find or even DIY the perfect gift, painstakingly wrap it in an extravagant package and deliver it by yourself. But we all know that when the reality kicks in, daily routine and chores often get in the way.

We have meticulously sourced exquisite, customisable gift options from all over the world: cards, flowers, wine, chocolate, party supplies and much more! The gift doesn’t have to serve a romantic purpose either. Just send your love and regards to any acquaintance - friends, parents, in-laws, relatives and even corporate clients. There will be a unique gift wrapped in themed packaging for anyone for any occasions, despite your busy schedule.

We go beyond reselling products, offering something special and bringing unforgettable moments

From planning and organising to conceiving the whole experience from scratch, we can do so on your behalf. Be it a confession of love, a proposal, a surprise, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a party… you name it.

Give someone you love or regard for a gift that puts a smile on their faces, that reminds them of the fond memories you share, that shows how much you cherish them.

Dear Gift, the only one-stop e-boutique that specialises in gifting services in Asia.